The Mawingu camp in Ngua village borders the Amani Nature Reserve and is situated at an altitude of 1,000 meters. It overlooks the tropical rainforest, the Lwengera valley between the East and West Usambara mountain ranges and the Masai Steppe stretching towards the horizon in the west.
The East Usambara Forest is part of the ancient Eastern Arc mountain chain stretching along the coast from southern Tanzania to southern Kenya. The mountains are only 40 km from the sea and due to moist climate the number of endemic species is remarkable. The East Usambaras have been compared to the Galapagos Islands with regard to diversity of endemic species and are among the most important for biodiversity conservation in Africa.
With the help of the Ngua villagers work is currently under way to expand the site with five basic but comfortable bandas overlooking the spectacular scenery.

Usambara Mountain Adventures

Mawingu camp is a perfect venue to enjoy nature, relax and hike
You can also together with your village host learn how to pick tea, collect honey or catch Usambara butterflies which are famous worldwide
The Usambaras are also a bird-watching paradise. Abundant and diverse species can be spotted and according to experts, the Usambaras is one of Africa ’s best birdwatching locations.
For the more adventurous there are plenty of trekking opportunities to explore remote peaks and valleys both in the East and West Usambaras either on your own or with a local guide.
With a bit of advance notice off road motorcycle trips in the Usambara mountains and logistical support for experienced hang/paragliders who bring their own equipment can also be arranged